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Facing Charges After a Fight? Are You Really Guilty?

Yes, there was a fight. Maybe it looked bad. Maybe you looked like the aggressor. But is that the whole story? Probably not. Are you really guilty of aggravated assault? Probably not.

Let us help tell your side of the story.

Aggravated assault charges in Arizona can come after a bar fight, a domestic disturbance, or another type of dispute. Depending on the situation, you could be looking at some serious time behind bars - it's possible you'd get 5 to 15 years if you're convicted of this felony offense.

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The Old Self-Defense Claim

Cliches are cliches because there's truth to them. You know what criminal defense lawyers like us say: "It was self defense!" But they say this because it's often true. Many people charged with aggravated assault get caught up in something that got out of hand, and they're forced to fight to protect themselves.

Even If It Wasn't Self-Defense...

Emotions can get the best of us. Every human being knows this. The only person who won't be willing to admit it is the prosecutor - but the prosecutor still must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

The law in Arizona says that a fight or confrontation can become aggravated assault because:

  • Serious bodily harm — When you're accused of causing life-threatening injury or serious damage like broken bones
  • Dangerous instrument — When you're accused of using a knife or beer bottle or some other thing that could cause serious injury (even if the person is not seriously injured)
  • Deadly weapon charge — When you're accused of shooting someone, shooting the gun, raising or showing the gun, or even just having the gun on you at the time of the alleged assault

And there are escalating prison terms for each level of violence. Even just threatening someone with a dangerous weapon - but not hurting the person - can result in aggravated assault with a mandatory prison sentence.

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