What Can I Do If I Have Been Charged With a Violent Crime?

Violent crime charges generally come with the threat of spending time behind bars for those who are convicted. For example, if prosecutors are able to prove the "dangerous allegations" included in a violent crime case, a prison sentence may indeed be mandatory. Nevertheless, the burden of proof faced by the prosecution could be difficult to achieve if the accused individual brings forward a successful criminal defense.

Based on 2012 statistics, authorities received over 25,000 violent crime reports in Arizona in one year's time. However, simply being accused of a violent crime does not mean that the accusations will end in an actual conviction or punishment. It does not matter if the charges involved assault, aggravated assault, rape or murder, every person will have his or her day in court to defend against the charges.

In order to achieve a verdict of not guilty, in order to get some or all of one's charges dropped or dismissed and in order to achieve other favorable results at trial, it is important for accused individuals to choose a qualified and highly experienced attorney. An experienced criminal law attorney -- such as the lawyers who are employed at the Suzuki Law Offices -- will be intimately familiar with legal strategies that can help an accused individual, no matter what the charges against him or her happens to be.

Ultimately, the goal of any criminal defense attorney will be to minimize any adverse consequences related to his or her client being charged with violent crimes, and to avoid conviction. No results can be guaranteed in any kind of legal action, but in the best of possible outcomes -- and barring the prosecution's ability to prove an Arizona resident's guilt beyond reasonable doubt -- the accused person will receive a not guilty verdict and he or she will not face any kind of punishment related to the alleged crime or crimes.


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