Arizona Officials Seek to Prevent Road Construction Accidents

Anyone who has spent any amount of time driving knows that there is only one thing they can expect: the unexpected. The situation on the road can change at a moment's notice and it is the duty of all drivers to be mindful of their surroundings. This is exactly what the Arizona Department of Transportation had in mind when officials renewed calls for safety in road-work zones.

The Arizona Director of Transportation stressed the need to be mindful of construction zones and state laws that require drivers to respond accordingly. Arizona's Move Over Law was designed to protect drivers pulled to the side of the road. In 2011, the law was expanded to require drivers to move over one lane when they encounter all vehicles pulled over with flashing lights on -- including road construction trucks.

Recent efforts came in response to the death of a road construction worker in another state. No road construction workers have passed away in a vehicle-related accident since 2006; however, dozens have died over the last six decades.

The incident, which is fresh in the mind of transportation officials, is a stark reminder of how exposed road construction workers are every day they go to work. In fact, highway construction is among the riskiest professions in the country.

In many construction-related accidents, workers' compensation benefits are in line for workers and their families, but those benefits may not be enough to offset the full extent of the damage and pain. Civil claims may be an option when a third party bears responsibility for a construction accident. Through this process, injured workers and their loved ones can continue down the long road to recovery.

Source: Southeast Valley Ledger, " ADOT urges drivers to slow down, move over in highway work zones," Dec. 12, 2012

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