Breathalyzer Kiosks May Help Drivers Avoid DUI Charges

The 2012 holiday season comes to a fever pitch tonight with revelers ringing in the New Year. Thousands of Arizonians will take part in parties to celebrate the end of the year as well as the promise of a new one. With alcohol being a common part of New Years' Eve parties, it is a virtual certainty that law enforcement agencies will be out in earnest to catch drunk drivers.

Since Thanksgiving, we reported on how police agencies throughout the state would have additional officers on the road to catch drunk drivers, and how people should be vigilant about how much alcohol they consume while out on the town. While some people may depend on a designated driver, others may simply rely on self assessments and get behind the wheel while legally drunk.

However, breathalyzer kiosks may help revelers avoid the harsh penalties that come with a DUI conviction. They are machines that look like a common ATM, but they use the same technology that police agencies use. For a small fee (usually $2-$3), a person can have their breath tested to measure the level of alcohol so that they can have a specific determination of whether they are legally drunk.

The kiosks can be helpful for giving drivers a reasonable measure of their BAC, and most are calibrated monthly to ensure their accuracy. (Calibration of breathalyzer machines is an important issue in many drunk driving cases). Nevertheless, the possibility remains that a test conducted by the police may yield a different result.

Source:, Kiosk could keep potential drunk drivers off streets,December 24, 2012


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