Former Deputy Sentenced for DUI

In a DUI case involving a motorcycle crash from 2012, a man who had formerly been a sheriff's deputy was sentenced to one year in a local county jail and six years of probation. He had been facing up to ten years in prison, and had pleaded guilty to gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. When handing down the lesser penalty in the case, the judge said that the man was not likely to reoffend.

When the motorcycle crash occurred on March 1, 2012, the man had been driving at twice the speed limit. He also had a blood alcohol level that was twice the state's legal limit.

This proved to be an unfortunate combination, as his motorcycle went out of control while driving along Waterfront Drive in Eureka. His female passenger, 30, died from the fatal injuries she incurred at the time.

That passenger was later described in courtroom proceedings as funny and vivacious, a woman who always had friendly words for people she knew. Her loved ones were moved to tears as her parents and a friend described how wonderful she had been before she lost her life in the crash that night.

The woman had met the defendant on the evening of the crash at a local bar. He referred to himself by his motorcycle-riding nickname, "Dawg."

The woman, who had worked for the District Attorney for ten years, recognized the defendant as a former deputy since their paths had crossed professionally. At some point, the woman agreed to go for a ride on the defendant's motorcycle as a passenger, and the fatal crash happened shortly thereafter.

DUI cases affect individuals and families throughout Arizona. The repercussions of injuries incurred can have a permanent effect, making it in everyone's best interest to prevent DUIs by not driving after drinking.

Source: Times-Standard, " Campbell gets year in jail, probation for DUI death: Former deputy spared prison in 2012 manslaughter case" Thadeus Greenson, Aug. 28, 2013

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