Former Phoenix Suns Star Accused of DUI

Phoenix Suns players are typically treated as Arizona heroes. Locals have watched their games for years, and any sports figure tends to be viewed as larger than life. That is in part because sports fans get an adrenalin rush from the games they watch and associate that excitement with the players. Correspondingly, the personal troubles of players often get a lot of media attention, even years after they retire from playing. Such was the case of a retired Phoenix Suns player recently arrested on suspicion of DUI.

Tom Chambers, who played for the Phoenix Suns and then became a commentator, was arrested on Dec. 17. Officers had noticed him weaving back and forth while driving in the right lane of Scottsdale Road near Happy Valley Road. The officer stopped him close to Pinnacle Vista Road.

According to the officer, Chambers stopped abruptly. The officer's report says that Chambers had slurred speech and a flushed complexion, as well as smelling of alcohol. He also refused to do a sobriety test, saying it would be difficult even if he was sober. He went on to say that an attorney had advised him against such tests.

Officers did obtain blood for testing, though the results of that test have not yet been released publicly. A search revealed two cold Michelob beers by the driver's seat, and Chambers admitted having had a few beers at a football game he had been to. The game was the PAC-12 Championship at Arizona State University.

A DUI is a serious offense. It affects the driver, passengers, people in other cars and pedestrians. However, just because someone is arrested for such a charge does not necessarily mean he or she is guilty. The prosecutor must prove that guilt in court beyond a reasonable doubt. Phoenix criminal defense attorneys work diligently to protect their clients' rights in these and other cases, building strong defenses to the charges.

Source: NY Daily News, " Former NBA star Tom Chambers tells police 'I know your boss' during DUI arrest" Jaime Uribarri, Dec. 12, 2013


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