Sports Star Taylor Lewan Faces Assault Accusations

Arizona has a long history of producing scores of successful athletes. High school sports players are often standouts, and big names in both college and professional sports have come from the Grand Canyon State. Teams like the Arizona Cardinals and the Phoenix Suns have garnered fan bases nationwide. Yet, sports stars have a very high profile, so it makes national news when one faces potential legal troubles. That is the case with accusations of assault that have been made against Scottsdale native Taylor Lewan.

Lewan, a senior offensive tackle, has defended himself in the case. After being accused of assaulting an Ohio State fan back on Nov. 30 in Ann Arbor, he stated that he didn't hit anyone. He also stated for the record that he wasn't in a fight at all, but was trying to help out and break up a conflict in a situation he observed.

Because the matter is pending, he declined to offer further details on the situation. However, he has not been arrested or charged in any way, and is simply one of the people who was interviewed by police about the situation. He spoke to Arizona media while in the state with his team, the Michigan Wolverines. They are in Arizona for the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl.

In many cases, being around situations of possible conflict can result in accusations of assault against innocent parties. Sometimes those accusations can be cleared up quickly, but it is always best to retain a Phoenix criminal defense lawyer to make sure that all legal bases are covered. With legal assistance, the person's interests can be protected and one's innocence can be clearly established.

Source: USA Today, " Michigan OT Taylor Lewan denies assault allegations" Mark Snyder, Dec. 25, 2013

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