Arizona Driver Faces Felony Charges After 7 DUI Arrests

KFYI News quotes one Arizona DUI lawyer regarding a case involving repeat impaired driving offenses:

"We're the hardest in the country period [referring to Arizona DUI law], no one would disagree with me on that. Our laws in Arizona are set up to hammer people like this ultimately, but you know it takes a little time to do that obviously."

The lawyer's reference to "a little time" comes from the three repeat DUI arrests of one Arizona man in the time span of just the last six months (there have apparently been 7 total DUI arrests involving this driver). The three recent DUI arrests had yet to work their way through the system, meaning that he was back on the roads after each subsequent arrest.

But the single most recent arrest has the man behind bars. KFYI News reports that prosecutors asked the judge for no bond, meaning that he'd stay in jail pending trial, and the judge granted it.

"They're trying to say, look, judge, at what point is this guy going to go out and kill somebody," says the DUI lawyer.

In Arizona, as in other states, going out and killing somebody in an alcohol-related car crash would result in felony manslaughter charges. And it almost goes without saying: Getting 7 DUI arrests will also result in charges involving repeat offenses - felony charges, too.

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