Math Teacher Arrested for DUI and Disorderly Conduct in Class

A 57-year-old teacher from Chandler, Arizona, was arrested on a recent Wednesday, after she allegedly drank alcohol in her classroom. Authorities say that the woman confessed to drinking alcohol on her lunch break. The incident came to the attention of police after one of her math students reported that the woman was drunk and yelling at her students in class.

When first approached, the woman allegedly said that she had not been drinking. Later, police say she admitted to drinking the previous night, in the morning before class and also during her lunch break. Police conducted a Breathalyzer test on the woman and say that her blood alcohol content tested at 0.205 percent.

Police say that a school resource officer searched the woman's purse. Inside, the officer allegedly discovered an empty bottle of Beringer wine, a half-full container of Sunny D and a bottle of Fleischmann's Vodka. Although the woman was allegedly very drunk, she told authorities that she took a taxi to school in order to avoid drinking and driving.

The evening before, though, the woman was arrested by police and charged with extreme DUI. Authorities stopped her that day at about 3:40 p.m. on her commute home from school. Police also impounded her car, which may be another reason why she had to take a taxi to class the following day. Commenting on the incident, the county sheriff mentioned that learning math is difficult enough, let alone trying to learn when the math teacher is drunk.

This woman, who was already facing charges of extreme DUI from the evening before, may also have to face charges of disorderly conduct. When an Arizona resident is arrested for public intoxication and DUI, the defense against those charges must be well-organized and carefully laid out -- especially if that person is a government employee like a teacher, police officer or fireman. Those employed in these capacities could lose their jobs if convicted of such crimes and any legal defense strategy must keep that in mind.


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