2013 Holidays: Arizona Cops Arrest Close to 4000 for DUI

The Arizona Republic reports that around 4,000 people were pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving during the holiday season through the end of 2013.

Notice how we use the word "suspicion?" You aren't automatically guilty just because you've been pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

While the police might have had a suspicion that you weren't sober behind the wheel, the rules say they have to prove it in court. And prove it beyond any reasonable doubt.

And while it may not have seemed like it when the police were arresting you, you have very important and powerful rights on your side. The infographic - " You Have the Right to Remain Out of Prison" - published on the Blaze website and produced by, does a good job of illustrating some of the rights you have.

An experienced DUI lawyer in Phoenix can help you put your rights to work. This can result in reduction of the charges against you or even complete dismissal of your case.

The police have arrested you on a mere "suspicion." Let us help you make sure your rights don't get trampled any further. Let us help you aggressively defend your case.

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