Arizona Mom Accused of Drunk Driving with Kids in Her Car

A woman in Kingman, Arizona, was recently arrested and charged with DUI while her three children were riding inside the car with her. She was also charged with hitting two cows. According to the Sheriff of Mohave County, the 29-year-old mother was arrested at a convenience store.

When police took the woman into custody, her three children -- who range in age from 6 to 9 -- were all sitting in her darkly colored pickup truck. At the time of the arrest, police also allegedly noticed that the woman's truck had front end damage. When asked about the damage, her children informed law enforcement officers that their mom had accidentally struck two cows while driving earlier that night. Police allege that when the woman exited the convenience store, she said one simple word while pointing at her vehicle, "Cows."

Later, she allegedly confessed to drinking two alcoholic beverages that night. She also agreed to take a sobriety test and a blood alcohol test. Allegedly, her blood alcohol level was 0.243 percent, which is approximately three times the legal limit in Arizona. The woman was charged with multiple crimes, including driving with a suspended license and aggravated DUI.

When an Arizona parent is alleged to be drunk driving with his or her children in the car, it could make the criminal matter more difficult to defend against in court. Nevertheless, each accused individual will have the right to a defense against the criminal charges, nor will he or she be found guilty or punished until -- and only if -- proved to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in court.

Source: ABC 15 Arizona, "MCSO: Woman drove drunk with 3 kids, hit 2 cows" Anastasia Reynolds, Jul. 15, 2014

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