Were You Charged With DUI After Tubing on the Salt River?

Depending on how far downriver you go, you've got about 2 to 5 hours of float time on the Salt River. That's plenty of time to have had more than a few drinks, with a full cooler along for the ride.

The Salt River Tubing Company recommends that you take two cars and leave one at the departure point of the river for when you're done tubing. You'll have a convenient way to get back upriver and go back home. (You can also take a shuttle that picks up near the tube-rental area).

But a DUI charge is a high price to pay for convenience.

On its website, Salt River Tubing says that alcohol, drugs, and the Salt River don't mix. The company urges folks not to drink and tube - likely, because the drunker you get, the more trouble you'll have if you fall off your tube in the water. But if you do drink and tube, be sure to designate a sober driver, because you'll need one after getting out of the river.

The Salt River is a great spot for tubing, but if you were one of the unlucky souls charged with DUI after a day in the sun, we have your back. The Phoenix DUI lawyers of Suzuki Law Offices have years of experience defending people against DUI charges.

If you haven't yet been out on the tube, check out these safety tips from Salt River Tubing.

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