Alleged Drunk Woman Hits Worker in Arizona Construction Zone

A woman from San Tan Valley, Arizona, was arrested for drunk driving after hitting a road worker with her car while driving through a construction zone. The DUI car accident, which occurred on a recent Tuesday afternoon, caused serious injuries to the construction worker. According to witness accounts, the worker was hurled through the air before landing on the ground.

After the tragic accident, the 65-year-old driver of the car tried to enter a nearby gated community. However, a construction supervisor trailed close behind her and prevented her from driving into the neighborhood. Witnesses say that after the woman stopped her vehicle, she exited the car and disposed of a vodka bottle in a shrub.

Workers who were present at the time of the crash said that the driver must have been traveling at 50 mph, while the speed limit for the construction zone had been set at 35 mph. First, she hit the side of a truck, and then she hit the 41-year-old construction worker. The injured man was transported by air to a hospital.

At this time, the woman has not yet been charged, as police are waiting for the completion of their investigations, which include a blood alcohol test on a sample taken after the crash. The results of that blood test will likely factor heavily in any criminal case that is brought against the woman.

The results of any criminal case brought against the woman will also factor heavily in any personal injury claims that the injured construction worker may wish to pursue against her. In addition to the potential for having a viable personal injury claim though, since this man was performing his job duties at the time of the car accident, it is likely that he will also qualify to receive workers' compensation benefits to help pay for his medical care and lost wages.

Source:, " DUI suspect arrested after San Tan Valley road worker is struck" Steve Stout, Jun. 05, 2014

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