Arizona DUI Stats for Cinco De Mayo Decrease

Holidays often correlate with increased consumption of alcohol. Many people associate holidays with celebrations and celebrations with beer. Unfortunately, many of the same people tend to drive after drinking a lot, resulting in a spike in DUIs on some holidays. However, a recent popular holiday actually saw a decrease in drunk driving incidents recorded by Arizona police. This caught many people by surprise.

The holiday was Cinco de Mayo, celebrated as the name indicates on May 5 each year. Originally celebrated primarily by speakers of Spanish, it is now popular among Americans from a diverse array of cultural backgrounds. For many of them, it does involve drinking.

In view of that, the overall decrease in DUIs this Cinco de Mayo was a pleasant surprise to many. The decrease totals 25, comparing the 2013 total of 525 to the 2014 total of 500. In both cases, the statistics include all categories, such as aggravated, over .15 blood alcohol level, priors, and misdemeanor DUIs. The timeframe looked at for both years is May 1 to May 5.

Of course, not all the data was good. For example, 22 people in the under age 21 category were arrested for DUIs compared to only 18 last year. Additionally, DUI drug arrests, of which there were 68 last, rose to 81 this year. Child-restraint citations and seat-belt citations also rose.

Overall numbers falling is still good news, though. It is particularly notable since there 450 more officers in 2014 participating in DUI enforcement compared to 2013. Additionally, average blood alcohol content fell from .151 in 2013 to .146 this year.

Of course, every Arizona DUI is taken seriously. There are multiple charges that a person accused of one can face. Convictions on such charges can be damaging to a career, as well as a defendant's home and social life. Building a strong defense gives a defendant the best chance of receiving a positive outcome in his or her case.

Source: Your West Valley, "Overall Arizona Cinco de Mayo DUI stats fall since 2013" No author given, May. 06, 2014


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