Phoenix Law Enforcement Reports Increase in Violent Crime

Officials from the Phoenix police department have reported that they have seen a significant increase in violent crimes across the region. In addition to the surge in violent offenses the police department has reported that difficulties are complicated by a shortage in staff.

According to statistics released by officials, violent crime in Phoenix has risen by 8 percent since January. In an effort to stem the spike in crime, and prepare for the coming retirement of numerous officers, Phoenix PD is preparing to hire as many as 60 officers this year.

Violent Crimes & Penalties in Arizona

Violent crimes are among the most serious and harshly penalized criminal offenses. Because they directly threaten the safety of others, violent crimes are often prosecuted as felonies that pose prison sentences. Some of the most common violent crimes include:

While most violent crimes carry stiff penalties in and of themselves, the state of Arizona can also apply enhancements if certain aggravating circumstances are present. The use of a firearm or dangerous weapon, causing serious injury, and having a criminal record are circumstances that can lead to elevated violent crime charges and penalties.

Because violent crimes are viewed so negatively by the “social court,” convictions can result in many difficult and long-term consequences, including limitations on your ability to find a job. As such, it becomes crucial to fight violent crime charges - for either reductions or dismissals - so as to protect your freedom and your future.

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