The 5 Hidden Costs of DUI Convictions They Don't Tell You About

What Do You Pay After a DUI Conviction?

Many people already know that if an individual is convicted of driving under the influence, they can face serious penalties and fines. But, what about the ones no one tells you about? How much will a DUI conviction really take out of a convicted person’s pocket?

To help you understand the additional costs you may have to pay after a DUI conviction, we have compiled a list of five hidden expenses:

1. The Cost of Court-Ordered Classes

After a person is convicted of a DUI offense, the judge will order that person to attend a specific number of hours in alcohol awareness classes. This will be required before a person can obtain their license. These classes are a part of the penalty process and can total up to thousands of dollars.

2. Ignition Interlock Device Expenses

Oftentimes, a judge will order a person who had been convicted of a DUI offense to have an ignition interlock device installed onto their vehicle. With this device, a driver cannot blow over a certain BAC. If the drier blows over the BAC limit, the car will not start. The installation and upkeep of this device can be extremely expensive depending on the amount of time the court has ordered.

3. The Costs of Transportation

Because a person who is facing a DUI conviction does not typically have a driver’s license for quite some time, the convicted person may have to rely on public transportation such as buses, trains, metros, and taxis. Of course, this can be costly if that person is required to travel on a day-to-day basis.

4. Increased Insurance Rates

Most of the time, insurance companies will increase a convicted person’s insurance premium. Additionally, the law may require the driver to carry high-risk insurance for at least three years after they are eligible to reinstate their driver’s license. These increased insurance premiums can become extremely expensive.

5. Lost Wages from Lost Employment

A DUI conviction can appear on your criminal record. With that being said, convicted persons run the risk of losing employment at current workplaces that do not tolerate damaged criminal records. Also, these convictions can make it extremely difficult for convicted persons to obtain other jobs. If the person is allowed to keep their job, they can miss workdays and hours due to court dates and scheduled treatments. All of these possibilities can become extremely expensive.

Seek Legal Representation Before it is Too Late

The Phoenix DUI lawyers at Suzuki Law Offices understand the complexities of DUI convictions and are here to provide exceptional representation for the accused. We encourage those who have been charged to reach out to our firm as soon as possible so we can begin building your case. Not only can DUI conviction affect your criminal record, it can become extremely expensive.

Don’t wait. Protect your rights and future by contacting the Phoenix DUI attorneys at Suzuki Law Offices today!

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