What to Do if Stopped for a DUI in Arizona

What Should I Do When I am Stopped for a DUI in Arizona?

If you are stopped by police for DUI, first and foremost, do not panic. The whole process will become much more difficult if you cannot remain calm.

Follow the steps below and stay in control of your actions-- failure to do so can only harm you in the long run.

Provide Identification & Information

After pulling you over, the officer will ask you for identification. In Arizona, it's considered a second class misdemeanor if you cannot provide identification at a traffic stop, so a lack of identification will serve as an immediate red flag for all officers. Exhibiting proper identification is essential, as it's extremely important to get off on the right foot by complying with the officer. Failing to do so will cause unwanted complications.

Politely Refuse to Answer Questions

You have a right to remain silent in any criminal case. By beginning to talk to the officer and answering questions, you are choosing to waive your rights and anything you say will most likely be turned against you. The smartest thing to do is simply refuse to answer questions that the police ask. You should still be polite and cooperative, providing any basic information they ask of you, but do not answer any questions that have to do with your behavior leading up to the moment of the questioning. Every question you answer will only make it more difficult for an Arizona defense attorney to defend your case.

Immediately Ask For A Lawyer

You should immediately request a lawyer. You always have the right to consult an attorney before making any decisions about your plan of action. Our attorneys are available at all hours and are more than willing to assist you. Contacting a DUI attorney is absolutely crucial to your defense, as you are unlikely to successfully navigate a DUI arrest without an attorney at your side.

Refuse To Take Field Sobriety Tests

Even if suspected of a DUI, in Arizona you are not required by law to submit to these tests. Our attorneys question the accuracy of these tests, so we advise anyone speaking to an officer who asks you to submit to a test to respectfully decline. These rules are different than some other tests, however. Talk to an attorney for more information.

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