Are All White-Collar Crimes Federal Offenses?

white collar crime

White-collar crime has steadily risen over the years, which isn’t surprising when the world is more digitally interconnected by the second. When we typically think of white-collar crime, we often picture federal cases of Ponzi schemes that draw international attention; however, are all white-collar crimes federal charges?

Not All White-Collar Crimes Are Federal Charges

Many white-collar crime cases are prosecuted at the federal level because the crimes affect interstate commerce. However, not every white-collar crime instance crosses state lines, which means states may have to prosecute smaller forms of white-collar crime

Examples of white-collar crimes that can happen at the state level include:

  • Insider trading;
  • Credit card fraud;
  • Investment fraud;
  • Embezzlement;
  • Money laundering.

State vs. Federal White Collar Crime Prosecution

Any white-collar crimes can be prosecuted at the federal level when they cross state lines, involves a federal agency, or involved the banking system. A white collar crime is typically charged at the state level if it is limited within state borders and involved a state agency. 

For example:

  • If money laundering occurs through an interstate corporation, then the person/group who is caught laundering money will probably face federal charges for their crimes. This is because the crime in question affected the whole business, a business that operates across state lines.
  • On the other hand, if someone is caught laundering money through a local business that works and operates entirely in one state, that state can attempt to convict the suspect using its laws.

There are also many examples of cases that can be charged as both state and federal crimes, which means you could be facing penalties from both the state and federal government.

Contact a Firm with Federal Criminal Defense Experience

As you can see, determining if a white-collar crime will be prosecuted at the state or federal level can be difficult given a business’s interstate dealings and the nature of the committed crime. However, regardless of the classification of white-collar crime, Suzuki Law Offices can help you fight your case. In fact, attorney Richard Suzuki has experience prosecuting federal felonies, which means he has intimate knowledge of how to defend a federal white-collar charge. If you need white-collar defense, you want Suzuki Law Offices on your side.

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