At What Point Is Selling Drugs a Felony in Arizona?

The narcotics business is estimated to bring in $435 billion annually. Selling drugs can be a lucrative business venture, but it comes with high-risk factors: one of these factors is a lot of jail time for a convicted offender.

However, did you know that the law doesn’t punish all drug dealers equally? The type of drug a dealer sells impacts the severity of the charges he or she will face if convicted. Therefore, it’s important to ask: at what point is selling drugs a felony offense in Arizona?

When Does Selling Drugs Become a Felony in Arizona?

The sale of any dangerous drug or narcotic, or even having "intent to sell" can be a felony charge. This includes dangerous drugs such as ecstasy, methamphetamines, LSD, along with narcotics such as heroin, cocaine, morphine, etc. 

Under Prop 27, marijuana is now legal, and some prior convictions may be eligible for expungement. Contact our attorneys for more information.

Penalties for Sale of Illegal Drugs

You may be surprised to learn that the sale of any illegal drugs will result in a felony charge in Arizona. However, the type and quantity of the drug being sold will drastically impact the severity of the felony.

The following are the criminal charge classifications for selling drugs:

  • Selling prescription drugs without a license or permit: class 6 felony;
  • Selling less than two pounds of marijuana: class 4 felony;
  • Selling at least two pounds of marijuana, but less than four pounds: class 3 felony;
  • Selling four or more pounds of marijuana: class 2 felony;
  • Selling a narcotic drug (heroin, meth, cocaine, etc.): class 2 felony.

What’s the difference between an Arizona class 6 felony and a class 2 felony? The presumptive sentence for a class 6 felony will result in a year of imprisonment. The presumptive sentence for a class 2 felony will result in five years of imprisonment. Therefore, you could argue that the punishment for a class 2 felony is five times worse than that of a class 6 felony!

Representation Matters

As you can see, selling any kind of drug will automatically result in a felony charge; however, with the right representation, your charge could be reduced or thrown out entirely. If you need experienced representation for any type of drug charge, look no further than Suzuki Law Offices!

Charged for selling drugs? Call (602) 842-6762 now for a free consultation for your case!

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