What Is a No-Contact Accident?

If you picture a car crash, you probably think of two cars that collide into each other. However, did you know that auto accidents don’t necessarily require collisions? If you don’t think that’s true, keep reading!

What Is a No-Contact Accident?

A no-contact accident is when a driver crashes due to the actions of another driver, but the cars never collide. You may wonder how a driver can force another driver to crash without making contact, so let’s look at an example.

Suppose a driver is traveling in the slow lane (the right-most lane on the road.) As he is going along, a driver next to him makes a sudden lane change into the slow lane. The driver in the slow lane has no escape from the driver encroaching into his lane. As a result, the driver in the slow lane is forced into the guardrail to stop a potential two-car accident.

While the slow-lane driver avoided a two-car accident, he sacrificed his car by running into the guardrail. This is an example of a no-contact accident because even though the lane-change driver caused the slow-lane driver to crash, there was no direct collision between the two drivers.

Can I Sue Someone for a No-Contact Accident?

In short, the answer is yes. If you or a loved one suffers injuries due to another driver’s negligence resulting in a no-contact accident, you may have the right to pursue compensation.

A driver who crashes as a result of another driver’s negligence can sue for damages, but proving a no-contact accident can be difficult. If you need help with your no-contact accident, you can talk to Suzuki Law Offices attorney now!

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