Cactus League Catastrophe: How Auto Accident Jurisdiction Works with Out-of-Towners

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The Cactus League is in full swing, which means thousands of out-of-towners are visiting our beloved ballparks. Although we all share a love of America’s favorite pastime, an unfortunate byproduct of the Cactus League is the increase in Arizona traffic.

Due to a large number of visitors during the Cactus League, Arizona residents are more likely than ever to get into auto accidents with out-of-towners. Accordingly, it is important to understand how personal injury jurisdiction works with state residents and state visitors.

Car Accidents & Legal Jurisdiction

When it comes to car accidents with visitors, accidents fall under the legal jurisdiction of the state in which they occur. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if the out-of-towner is from California, New York, or Florida; if a visitor causes an accident in Arizona, then Arizona has legal jurisdiction over the accident, and the out-of-towner may be sued in an Arizona court. It can, however, sometimes be complicated properly serving the out-of-towner, and even collecting.

If you’re an Arizona resident injured by a visitor, Suzuki Law Offices can help you with the challenges that may arise in your personal injury lawsuit!

Jurisdiction, Auto Insurance, & Lawsuits

A state visitor is typically covered by their personal car insurance policy in the event of an out-of-state accident (depending on the insurance plan she or he has). As a result, out-of-state personal insurance policies will typically payout damages caused by the negligence of a visitor. However, what happens if their policy doesn’t cover the resident’s wounds?

As mentioned above, an accident’s legal jurisdiction is decided by the location of the crash. Therefore, if you are in Arizona and are injured in an accident caused by a visitor, you will need an experienced car accident attorney who practices in Arizona.

Similarly, if you are an Arizona visitor, you will need experienced Arizona personal injury attorney on your side to navigate the Arizona legal system and to avoid expensive return trips to the State.

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Unfortunately, personal injury lawsuits are complicated legal matters that become more complex when visitors are involved. However, if you have questions concerning an injury you’ve sustained in an Arizona accident, we can help! With decades of experience representing Arizona residents, our firm is more than prepared to get you the information you need!

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