Speeding Can Result in Personal Injury Lawsuits

Speeding is illegal, yet many drivers choose to speed despite that fact. Unfortunately, many speeders consider traffic violations as the worst possible outcome of their reckless behavior, but there are worse potential outcomes, one being a personal injury lawsuit.

Speeding & Personal Injury Lawsuits

When drivers are injured in car accidents, they can pursue personal injury lawsuits if they believe the accident wasn’t their fault. Arizona is a comparative fault state, which means more than one party can be held responsible for causing an auto accident and the ensuing injuries.

Therefore, a judge or jury will look at every aspect of a personal injury case to determine fault percentages.

If someone is speeding when an accident occurs, the judge or jury will consider that fact when assigning fault percentages. Therefore, the act of speeding may impact fault considerations to the point that someone is no longer eligible for damage recovery.

Did a Speeder Injure You?

If a speeder injured you or a loved one, you have the right to pursue just compensation for your case. Suzuki Law Offices is an award-winning auto accident firm that’s won millions of dollars on behalf of its clients. If you want experienced representation on your side, look no further than Suzuki Law Offices.

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