Drug Crimes: Charges and Terminology


If you were arrested for a drug crime, you might be wondering what comes next. Drug charges can often result in serious felony cases, so it is important to have an experienced drug attorney on your side to help you develop a strong defense and understand the complexities of your case. Our Phoenix drug attorneys explain drug crime charges and terminology to help you learn the basics of protecting your rights.

Understanding Your Drug Charges

State and federal drug charges often stem from drug possession, trafficking, and manufacturing. Knowing the drug crime charges and terminology will help you understand exactly what charges you are facing and how they might affect you. Below we explain some key terms related to drug crimes.

  • Controlled Substance: A controlled substance is generally a drug or chemical whose manufacture, possession, or use is regulated by a government.
  • Possession: One of the most common drug charges is possession. A person may face drug possession charges when they knowingly and intentionally possessed a controlled substance without a valid prescription. Possession drug charges are greatly based on the quality a person has--having a large amount could result in distribution charges.
  • Distribution & Trafficking: A person will face drug distribution charges if a person is caught selling, delivering, or providing controlled substances illegally. Trafficking charges are when a person both sells and distributes a large amount of controlled substance.
  • Manufacturing: Manufacturing or cultivating drugs includes growing, possessing, or producing naturally occurring elements to make an illegal controlled substance. A person can also be charged for producing or creating illegal controlled substances through chemical processes or in a laboratory.

What Should I Do If I Have Been Accused of a Drug Crime?

If you are facing serious drug crime charges in Arizona, or even suspect that you are under investigation, you need an experienced attorney on your side as soon as possible. The attorney you choose can impact the outcome of your case, so it’s important to hire an attorney who has experience handling state and federal cases. Our federal drug crimes attorney knows how to attack drug charges and guide you through the criminal justice system to the most favorable outcome.

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