5 DUI Myths That Could Get You Arrested

person holding a beer bottle while driving

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense with severe legal consequences. DUI charges can lead to fines, jail time, license suspension, and other penalties that can impact your life. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the risks involved with driving while intoxicated and may be influenced by common DUI myths and misconceptions. This blog post will review some of these DUI myths to help you better understand how they could get you arrested. By understanding what actions constitute DUI offenses, you can avoid unfortunate situations or outcomes regarding DUI law enforcement.

#1: Drinking coffee or tea can help you sober up before getting behind the wheel

This is one of the most common DUI myths, but it's completely false. Caffeine can provide a temporary energy boost, but it does not reduce the effects of alcohol impairment. Caffeine can increase your intoxication level by making you feel less tired and more alert.

#2: Refusing to take a breathalyzer test will not result in any consequences

This DUI myth is false, as refusing to take a breathalyzer test when requested by law enforcement can result in severe legal repercussions. The consequences for refusing to submit to a DUI breathalyzer are similar or even more serious than those associated with DUI charges. Additionally, Arizona has implied consent laws which state that any driver on the road is automatically consenting to DUI testing. Refusing a breathalyzer test when requested can result in severe legal repercussions.

#3: DUI penalties do not increase with subsequent offenses

This DUI myth is false. In most states, DUI penalties increase with subsequent offenses. For example, an individual convicted of DUI in Arizona faces a minimum ten-day jail sentence for their first offense and up to 120 days in jail for their fourth DUI offense within 84 months.

#4: You can drive as long as you stay below the legal BAC limit of 0.08%

Even if you have a BAC below 0.08%, it does not mean you are safe to drive. Alcohol impairment begins at any level of alcohol consumption, and DUI law enforcement can still charge you with DUI if they feel your driving has been affected by intoxication in any way.

#5: DUI laws don't apply if you ride a bicycle, motorcycle, or horse on public roads or highways

DUI laws don’t only apply to motor vehicles – DUI law enforcement can still arrest individuals on bicycles, motorcycles, or horses if they are found to be intoxicated while operating their mode of transport. DUI arrests can also result from operating other vehicles, such as boats and snowmobiles, while under the influence.

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