Sex Crime

Cases involving sexual allegations are sensitive and complex, and require the help of an experienced sex crime attorney. Suzuki Law Offices is prepared to fight for you.


Any type of allegation of sexual assault or viewing child pornography is a sensitive subject. It's very difficult to deal with, and you have to have the attorney understand the complexities of sex cases and how to work on those cases.

Both from a state level and federal level, these types of cases can be brought forth by the prosecutor's office.

When you deal with these cases, people are at times looking at life in prison with the eligibility of parole at 35 years.

Also, the varying factors are the age of the alleged victim.

The minute you feel that you are being investigated or accused of any type of sexual crime, it is important that you immediately contact Suzuki Law Offices.

We want to make sure that we protect you from the beginning and not wait until it's too late.