Can I Change Lanes in an Intersection?


When we drive, we continuously change lanes to get to our destinations. However, one type of lane change is known for creating accidents and causing injuries, a lane change inside of an intersection. In this blog post, our firm will help you determine the legality of changing lanes in intersections.

The Legality of Changing Lanes in Intersections

Nowhere in the Arizona Driver License Manual does it say that changing lanes in the middle of an intersection is illegal. Therefore, in general, it is legal to change lanes in the middle of an intersection in Arizona. However, before you start changing lanes, it’s essential to realize that not all mid-intersection lane changes are legal.

Solid white lines are used to denote turning lanes and to prevent lane changes in or near intersections. It is illegal to make a lane change across a solid white line on the road, which means mid-intersection lane changes over solid white lines are illegal. Therefore, you must identify if the lanes are solid or broken before changing lanes in the middle of an intersection.

The Liability of Changing Lanes in Intersections

While people can legally change lanes in Arizona intersections, that doesn’t mean they forgo all liability for their actions. If someone changes lanes in an intersection but causes an auto accident, he or she could face a lawsuit from other drivers.

For example, if someone makes a legal lane change in an intersection and sideswipes or rear-ends a car in front of them, a judge could find the person who made the lane change at fault for the accident. Therefore, even though mid-intersection lane changes are legal, they are still dangerous and can result in lawsuit liability.

Need Representation for Your Injuries?

If you or a loved one is injured due to an unsafe lane change by another driver, you may have the right to pursue compensation. Our attorneys will investigate accidents on behalf of our clients to gather evidence and get results. Suzuki Law Offices has decades of experience handling car accident claims, so our clients can rest easy knowing they’re in good hands.

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