Can Past Juvenile Records Affect Me as an Adult?

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Juvenile crimes usually don’t carry the same penalties as adult crimes. For such reasons, many people have the misconception that a juvenile record will not carry over into adulthood. Although juvenile records are sealed from the public, they don’t just go away.

Keep reading to discover if past juvenile records can affect you as an adult.

Long-Term Consequences of Juvenile Crimes

Contrary to popular belief, juvenile records aren’t automatically sealed or expunged. For such reasons, juvenile records can continue to impact people – even as adults. Below we have put together a list of ways a juvenile record can affect a person’s future:

Trouble Joining the Military

A juvenile record can make it difficult for someone to join the military. However, each branch of the armed forces creates its own regulations regarding how they handle applicants with a juvenile record.

Many branches have strict guidelines that prohibit the enlistment of applicants with a juvenile record. However, if crimes were minor and non-violent, applicants might still be able to join the armed forces.

Enhanced Penalties for Future Crimes

Juvenile crimes can also impact an individual if they commit another crime in the future. In some cases, a person may face more serious charges if they had a criminal history as a minor. It is vital to seek legal guidance if you have a juvenile record and are currently facing criminal charges as an adult.

Applying to College

Juvenile records can also impact individuals who want to apply to college. Some college admissions offices may take criminal charges into account. If you have a juvenile record, it can result in an automatic rejection. However, every college is different and often makes decisions on a case-by-case basis. They will typically consider a variety of factors, including the length of your record, the seriousness of the offenses, and signs of rehabilitation.

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