6 Signs You May Be Under Federal Investigation

a man in handcuffs

Federal crimes can have serious consequences, including hefty fines and jail time. Unfortunately, being investigated for a potential federal crime is often just as daunting. If you’re concerned that you may be under investigation by the federal government, it’s essential to recognize possible signs so you can take action immediately and protect your rights.

In this blog post, we will review some common indicators that could signal that a person is under investigation by the feds and discuss what steps they should take next.

1. Receiving a Target Letter

The U.S. Attorney’s Office typically sends a target letter to inform someone that they are being investigated and may face future criminal charges. It will include information on potential penalties and other legal matters related to the investigation.

2. Federal investigators Showing Up at Your Home or Work

These agents will generally come prepared with a search warrant and attempt to collect evidence related to their investigation. It’s important to remain calm and avoid impeding their investigation in any way.

3. Having Your Phone Calls Monitored

This may include law enforcement intercepting and recording your conversations, as well as monitoring text messages or emails sent from or to a particular device.

4. Unusual Activity from Financial Institutions

For example, if you experience freezes on your accounts or unexplained charges, this could be a sign that law enforcement is looking into your finances.

5. Unexplained Grand Jury Subpoenas for Documents, Emails, or Other Records

If you receive this type of subpoena, it’s important to comply with the request and seek legal advice from an experienced criminal defense attorney.

6. Criminal Indictments Issued by the U.S Attorney

This is a surefire sign that you may be under federal investigation and could face criminal charges in the future. This document will outline what criminal offenses have been charged and explain potential penalties associated with those crimes.

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