Federal Drug Crimes

Federal drug charges involve serious penalties and long prison times. Robert Suzuki is a former federal prosecutor who has handled hundreds of federal drug cases. Learn more about how we can fight for you.


When you're facing federal drug charges, you're facing a serious amount of time.

You're not typically probation eligible. You're looking at years in prison.

You're working with the United States sentencing guidelines that deal with offense levels, and the higher the level, the more time in months you look at.

In fact, you'd be looking at 24 years in prison on a merit drug smuggling case or conspiracy.

The other factor you'd have to look is depending on the quantity of the drug and the type of drug that was being alleged that you're transporting.

You're also facing the fact that there's mandatory minimum sentences through the federal statutes.

When you're facing federal drug crimes, you need a federal criminal defense lawyer.

And being a former assistant united states attorney federal prosecutor, I have that experience of handling hundreds of federal drug trafficking cases.

In fact, I have the experience where clients have hired me to go out of state to handle their federal drug trafficking case.

So when you're facing those charges, you need an excellent lawyer with a tremendous amount of experience and with a great reputation that's going to fight for you to obtain the best possible result.