White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes encompass a wide range of cases and can lead to hefty penalties. Suzuki Law Officers provides experienced representation and thorough investigation, no matter how complex the accusation.


We've handled many white collar crimes, and it's a wide range of types of cases.

We've had money laundering, embezzlement, large theft cases. We've also had cases that involved counterfeit money - up to $3 million in counterfeit money that was a federal case.

So white collar crimes is inclusive of many different crimes that usually carry a very lengthy amount of time in prison.

At Suzuki Law Offices, we've handled hundreds of white collar crimes.

With our experience, we understand the complexities of white collar crimes.

With our investigators, we can do a thorough investigation of the accusations that are being presented by the state.

It's important that you get the quality representation you need, and here at Suzuki Law Offices, we offer that.