Recent Bike Accident Is Part of Larger Trend in Phoenix

Phoenix law enforcement officials are reporting that an 11-year-old girl passed away as the result of injuries she sustained in a recent car-bicycle crash. The young girl was riding her bike through a crosswalk in order to get to a shopping center near the intersection of two local roads. Unfortunately, this particular accident is just more evidence that bicycle riders put themselves at serious risk on Phoenix's roads.

Reports indicate that the girl pedaled into the roadway after passing the first stage of the crosswalk. Her father stayed on the median while she continued moving. Unfortunately, oncoming vehicles were not able to stop in time and the girl was struck twice. She eventually succumbed to the serious injuries sustained in the collision.

Every year, between 450 and 500 bikers are involved in a traffic accident in Phoenix. Most of them result in mild to serious injuries, but approximately 10 result in fatalities. In fact, the intersection where the most recent incident occurred is one of the most dangerous for bikers in the city. Hopefully this most recent incident will be enough to prompt the city to improve the safety of the intersection to reduce injuries and fatalities.

Furthermore, statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that Arizona is consistently one of the most dangerous states for bikers, falling in the top 10 percent every year.

As the girl's family continues to mourn their tremendous loss, it may be worthwhile to explore their legal options. Personal injury claims, particularly if they involve a municipality for their role in maintaining safe roads, can be quite complicated. This is why it seeking trustworthy advice could be a crucial step forward in the healing process.

Source: Arizona Republic, " Bike accidents common in Phoenix," Michael Clancy, Nov. 4, 2012

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