Drunk Driving Facebook Post Leads to Arrest

We have reported on the many ways that our readers can avoid drunk driving arrests in Arizona. We have advocated taking cabs, hiring designated drivers and even staying in hotels to avoid getting behind the wheel while impaired. However, there is apparently another way to stay clear of criminal DUI charges: don't post about them on Facebook.

An Astoria, Oregon man did not heed this warning. After a hit and run accident, police were only left with fragments from the offending vehicle to resolve the case. However, they were alerted through their Facebook page to a private post where the man essentially admitted being involved in the accident and leaving the scene.

The post read "Drivin drunk... classic ;) but to whoever's vehicle I hit I am sorry. :P." While the man probably thought that it was a great example of self-deprecating humor, it actually gave police the information they needed to investigate the accident further and make an arrest. Police were able to match the time the post was made to the accident, and went to the man's home to match the broken pieces found at the scene to the damage to his car. Afterwards, he was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident.

While it was not reported that he was arrested for drunk driving, the story is a reminder that posts to social media forums are discoverable pieces of evidence that can be used against you in court. So if you don't want a judge to read about your exploits, don't post them online.

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