Teen Auto Accident Deaths Increased in First Half of Last Year

During the first half of last year, the number of teen drivers that lost their lives on the nation's highways increased by 19 percent over the same time in 2011, according to new preliminary data from the Governors Highway Safety Association. That increase is alarming. Prior to 2011, there had been eight straight years of declines in the number of deaths of 16- and 17-year-old drivers.

Why the sudden spike? The report doesn't specifically say what the causes of the car accidents were, but many experts feel it is a combination of reduced effectiveness of graduated driver license laws, increased distracted driving, and good economic times (meaning more people are commuting or travelling). The more personal technology people bring into their cars, the less attention they pay to the task of driving safely.

When drivers get in their vehicle, they need to do everything they can to eliminate distractions. If that means putting a cell phone in a locked glove compartment, where a person knows they won't be able to get to it, they should do so. It is the responsibility of all drivers to help eliminate car accidents and fatalities on the road. Distracted drivers not only risk injuring themselves, but also other motorists.

People who are injured in car accidents by negligent drivers might be wise to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney. They can help a person understand their rights and make sure another person's distracted driving doesn't result in financial hardship on top of the physical challenges they might face after an accident.

Source: USA Today, " Deaths surge among youngest drivers," Larry Copeland, Feb. 26, 2013

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