Arizona Has Some of the Toughest DUI Laws in the U.S.

Jason Barry for CBS 5 News reports that Arizona has some of the "toughest DUI laws around," which could mean that the NTSB's recent efforts toward making DUI laws stricter in all 50 states would have little impact on Arizona drivers.

Barry quotes the director of the Office of Highway Safety:

"Not only the toughest laws in the country, but the toughest enforcement in the country. We enforce the laws, not only for DUI, but also for DUI and drugs."

Here are two reported reasons why Arizona makes it tougher for drivers here more than many other states:

1. The ignition interlock device is required even for first-time DUI offenders, which means that you can't start your car until blowing into a tube and registering your blood alcohol content.

2. You can still be pulled over and arrested for DUI even if your blood alcohol content is below the standard 0.08 limit, which means that law enforcement and prosecutors can almost always make the argument that you were impaired behind the wheel (but it doesn't mean they'll win).

As for the NTSB, the federal agency is proposing a revised 0.05 limit for all 50 states, down from the long-standing 0.08 limit, making it even more likely that a drink or two will put more drivers over the limit and under arrest for DUI.

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