Driver in Fatal Crash Was Looking at Phone

New information has come to light regarding an unfortunate incident where an officer with the Arizona Department of Public Safety lost his life. According to authorities, there may have been specific reason for the car accident that took his life.

According to allegations, the driver of the 18-wheeler who hit the officers patrol car was engaged in risky behavior at the time. He is said to have been looking at his phone instead of paying full attention to the road.

The case files, totaling 600 pages, contend that the driver's cellphone flew from his hand during the initial impact of the crash. Video from an in-dash camera shows that the driver was on Facebook looking at provocative pictures of women right before the collision. This goes against the driver's earlier statement to the police. When first interviewed, he told them that his employer strictly forbade the use of cellphones while driving. He also asserted that he always followed that policy, including at the time of the incident.

However, the video shows a wallet that appears to be placed directly in front of his vehicle's in-dash camera. The police search warrant affidavit says that this was intentional and was meant to hid the driver's face and body from the camera.

His cellphone records indicate that he was viewing women with minimum attire when he lost control of the 18-wheeler. The result was disastrous. In addition to the fatal blow to the officer, who had been at his patrol car computer, several other cars were hit as well.

He currently faces 20 felony charges. Those include a charge of second-degree murder due to the death of the officer whose patrol car was struck.

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