Suzuki Law Offices Wins Sex Crime Case Involving 20 Counts

The man spent 18 months in prison. That's a long stretch, especially when you're 100 percent innocent. Despite having claimed his innocence from the beginning, our client was charged with 20 counts of sexual contact with a minor. Just a week before trial, we got the case dismissed, and he was set free to reunite with his wife and children.

Here's what happened.

The Accusation

Our client is a young man currently approaching his mid-20s. This young man has a niece. This niece, unfortunately, accused him of very serious charges: sexual misconduct. When all was said and done, prosecutors brought 20 felony counts against him based on her allegations.

That meant our client faced life in prison - and 18 months behind bars leading up to trial, where his fate would be decided.

18 Months Behind Bars

We did not leave it up to fate.

Given the nature of the charges, our client was "non-bondable," i.e. the judge did not allow him to post bond and remain free to go about his business until trial. So he was stuck behind bars. But we put in the hard work necessary to dig up the exculpatory evidence we needed to make his case.

Two Polygraph Tests

A big factor was polygraph testing.

Since these types of cases often come down to "he said/she said" (this case was no different), it took two separate polygraph tests - with two different examiners - for the truth of the matter to begin to shine through.

Our client passed both of them.

Not only did our client pass both polygraph tests, he passed an extensive series of psychological tests as well.

Alleged Victim Changes Her Story

The results of the polygraph tests, along with other contradictory evidence, began to show that our client's niece was lying about him, as well as to other people. Ultimately, prosecutors decided to give her a call, whereupon she admitted that she had lied to the police. Her uncle, she said, had never made any advances toward her. It was her obsession with him, apparently, that caused her to lie about him.

The End of a Nightmare

In May 2014, just one week before trial, the State moved to dismiss all sex crime charges against our client. We at Suzuki Law Offices are truly overjoyed for him and his family. This case, as in many others, reminds us why we do the work that we do.

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