Don't Drink and Drive: Increased DUI Enforcement on Thanksgiving Weekend

Unfortunately, a great American holiday has earned the nickname “Deadliest Day of the Year,” according to the National Safety Council and DUI Arrest Data Organization. With many people commuting long distances and obtaining several days of vacation time, roads become extremely congested during the week of Thanksgiving. Of course, these road conditions have become even more dangerous due to the saturation of drunk drivers on the roads.

In fact, the Arizona Governor’s Office state in 2013, 2,371 people were arrested for DUI on Thanksgiving. Below is a list of the breakdown in regards to the charges these people received after arrested for DUI:

Statistics prove that the average BAC for the arrested drivers was roughly 0.15%. As a result, law enforcement officers have increased efforts to stop persons from driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

For this Thanksgiving, drivers in Arizona can expect the following from law enforcement agencies:

  • Increased number of DUI checkpoints
  • Increase number of police officers patrolling the streets
  • Expedited process of field sobriety test results

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