Never Say Sorry After an Accident

“Sorry” is a catch-all word used when expressing feelings of regret, sympathy, and confusion; and in some situations, saying sorry is simply a show of courtesy. However, there’s a reason you should never say sorry after an auto accident, and this post will show you why.

Liability in Auto Accidents

In the legal world, liability means responsibility for an act or event. After an accident, insurance companies look at the facts to determine what and who caused the crash; in other words: to discover the person liable for the incident.

When determining liability, insurance companies investigate the following:

  • damage done to vehicles;

  • police reports;

  • statements from witnesses;

  • testimonies from those involved in the accident.

Saying Sorry Could Impact Your Case

After an accident, people say they’re sorry as a way of being polite. However, insurance companies could use an apologetic statement as testimonial evidence when determining liability. Therefore, it’s important to stop yourself from apologizing to another driver after an accident.

Additionally, saying sorry to an officer concerning the accident may be interpreted as an admission of fault. If you do say sorry to officers, they could write it down in a police report, which could be used by insurance companies. That’s why you answer an officer’s questions succinctly and without apology.

Contact an Arizona Auto Accident Lawyer

Regardless of the circumstances of the accident, talking to a personal injury attorney about your crash could prove beneficial. Suzuki Law Offices is proud to offer award-winning services for those who are injured at the hands of negligence.

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