How Insurance Companies Cheat People

Insurance companies aren’t timid when making statements about their abilities to protect you from the evils of this world. Unfortunately, when disasters strike, you may come to find you’re not in good hands because your “good neighbor” isn’t there. Here are some ways that insurance companies cheat people out of fair settlements.

Offering Lowball Amounts

The primary way insurance companies cheat people is by offering lowball recovery amounts after car accidents. Instead of providing full-coverage, companies will offer lowball amounts in hopes that clients take the bait and sign the deal. Once a client approves the agreement, it’s challenging to go back and receive the full amount without legal action.

It’s important to note that every insurance plan is different, and many people are mistaken about what their insurance covers. Therefore, there is a difference between an insurance company lowballing you and misunderstanding a policy.

Regardless of the policy, if you are injured in an auto accident and an insurance company offers you money, it may be a good idea to get a personal injury lawyer’s opinion on the matter. The Suzuki Law Offices offers free consultations, so we can take a look at your case at no cost to you.

Waiting People Out

In many circumstances, insurance companies will wait to offer settlements until days or weeks after an accident has occurred. The purpose of waiting this long is to make people desperate for a settlement check. Once someone’s rent money goes to a hospital, it’s not difficult to get them to sign an insurance settlement that’s lower then it should be.

Pressuring You to Sign

Some insurance companies will try to pressure you into signing a settlement before you have a chance to take a good look. If you feel pressured to sign something you don’t fully understand, talk to a personal injury attorney first.

Injured in an Accident? Suzuki Can Help

Insurance companies look for any reason to not provide just compensation, but Suzuki Law Offices helps its clients get what’s theirs. Call (602) 842-6762 now for a free consultation for your case.

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