How To Best Prepare For Your First Meeting With An Auto Accident Attorney

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Your initial meeting with your auto accident attorney is extremely important. This is where you and the attorney reach an agreement on representation, including a fee agreement. It is also where you get to tell your story and give the lawyer the information needed to represent you properly. Here is a list of crucial information to bring with you in order to allow your potential attorney to build a strong case.

Accident Report

A law enforcement officer likely investigated your accident, and if so, your case will be even stronger. If you have a copy of the accident report, you need to bring it with you. If you do not, you can obtain it by going to the agency and requesting a copy. If that is not possible, then you need to let your lawyer know who investigated the accident so he or she can obtain a copy of the report.

Medical Records

The same preparation applies to medical records. Bring all that you have. Make a list of every place you have been treated for injuries related to the accident. This includes emergency rooms, hospitals, and doctor's offices. Also, put any future appointments with dates and times on this list.

Medical Bills

Each provider will send you a bill, or you may receive it upon treatment. Bring all those bills. Your list of providers above will give your auto accident attorney a place to start to request bills.

Witness List

Make a list including addresses and phone numbers of anyone who you believe is a witness to the accident. Be sure that you add anyone who knows of your pre-accident injuries and medical conditions to this list. Some of these names may be on the accident report but assume that they are not. Your auto accident attorney needs to contact these witnesses as soon as possible. If any of these persons can come with you to the meeting, please bring them.

Work Records

If you missed any work due to the accident, you need to provide any records you have. In the alternative, let your attorney what days and times you missed and how much money you lost. If you are still out of work, provide any information about when you expect to return to work.

As a final reminder, make a list of any questions you have. Make sure you understand what your attorney expects of you. Be patient with your lawyer. Your accident case will move much more smoothly if you work together with your attorney.

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