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4 Ways a DUI Can Result in Felony Charges

Although most DUI convictions are often charged as misdemeanors, people can face felony charges with a DUI. Felonies are more serious offenses compared to misdemeanors. They usually result in harsher penalties and long-term consequences. Our Phoenix DUI defense attorneys go over the most common ways a DUI can result in felony charges.

What Results in a Felony DUI Charge

In Arizona, there are four different ways that a DUI can result in felony charges. Many people believe that the only way a person can end up with a felony DUI is by receiving multiple DUIs in a short time. However, there are additional ways a person can be facing felony charges after driving under the influence.

Below are the some ways a person can be charged with a felony DUI in Arizona:

  1. Your DUI causes an injury or death
  2. Drunk driving with a suspended license
  3. Drunk driving with a minor passenger (under the age of 15) in the vehicle
  4. Getting three or more DUIs within seven years
  5. Note that a prosecutor could also charge you with a felony that is not a DUI based on driving under the influence, such as endangerment or aggravated assault.

How a Felony DUI Can Affect You

Getting a DUI conviction can result in serious penalties more than getting hefty fines and jail time. In most cases, having a felony conviction on your record can affect your ability to apply for a job. Most employers do a thorough background check during the hiring process, so it can affect their hiring decision if you have a felony on your record. It can also affect you if you are trying to rent or if you are trying to purchase a home.

A felony DUI is also what is known as a “forever prior,” meaning it can always be used to enhance punishment for any future offense.

Phoenix DUI Defense Attorneys

If your DUI situation resulted in one of the felony situations listed above, you likely face a felony conviction. You only have 15 days to schedule a license suspension hearing with the Arizona Department of Transportation. If you fail to take action, your driver’s license will automatically be suspended for 90 days or longer, and you will face serious penalties. Our Phoenix DUI defense lawyers can help you fight to have your driving privileges reinstated, and your charges reduced or possibly eliminated.

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