Arrested During the Holidays? Here Is What You Should Know

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The holidays are a time for giving and spending with loved ones. But the holiday season can quickly turn sour after a loved one has been arrested. If you’ve been arrested during the holiday season, you might be wondering what you can do to get out as soon as possible to spend the holidays with your loved ones. Our Arizona criminal defense attorneys explain your options if you’ve been arrested during the holidays.

Getting Arrested During the Holidays

If you’ve been arrested during the holidays, you may, unfortunately, experience delays. In most cases, individuals under arrest are entitled to a hearing at least 48 hours after an arrest if bail is not set or they can’t afford to pay bail. However, that timeframe is typically longer during the holidays. Since workers get the days off, those arrested have to wait until the next business day to get their hearing process started.

What to Do If You Get Arrested During the Holidays

If you get arrested during the holidays, you should use your call wisely. You should contact our team at Suzuki Law Offices, L.L.C. to get the criminal defense you need to protect your rights. When you contact an attorney, it is important to calmly explain the situation in detail so that your attorney can start working towards your case as quickly as possible.

What Are the Chances of Getting Arrested During the Holidays?

One of the biggest problems with getting arrested during the holidays is that you have a higher chance of remaining in jail for a longer period than usual. Criminal arrests are very common during the holiday season. Some of the most common types of arrests that occur during the holiday season include:

  • Drinking and driving
  • Domestic violence
  • Theft
  • Shoplifting

If you were arrested during the holidays, contact our Arizona criminal defense attorneys today at (602) 842-6762 to schedule a consultation!

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