Do I Have to Tell My Boss About My DUI Arrest?

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If you’ve been arrested for intoxicated driving and are now facing DUI charges, you are probably wondering if you are required to tell your employer about it. Our Phoenix DUI defense lawyers explain in which situations you will need to notify your employer about your DUI arrest or convictions.

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When Should My Boss Be Notified of My DUI Arrest?

In general, you don’t need to notify your employer about getting arrested for suspicion of DUI unless you are convicted. However, telling your employer could help you avoid an unpleasant situation if they find out about your DUI arrest in another way.

There are circumstances in which an employee is obligated to disclose an arrest to their employer. For example, if your work policy or contract states that you must inform your boss of any arrests or charges, you must do so. Failing to disclose your arrest can result in disciplinary actions or worse--termination. You should review your employment contract to determine if you will need to disclose your DUI arrest to your boss.

You will also need to notify your employer of your DUI arrest if you are a commercial driver, even if you were driving your personal vehicle. Drivers with a professional license, such as teachers, doctors, and nurses, are also required to notify their employer of a DUI arrest when they need to renew their license.

Experienced Phoenix DUI Defense Lawyers

If you were arrested for suspicion of drinking and driving, you could face even more serious penalties than having to notify your employer. You could face jail time, hefty fines, driver’s license suspension, and more. Our Phoenix DUI defense attorneys have helped thousands of clients get their DUI charges reduced or even dismissed throughout the country. Let our team help you reduce your DUI penalties.

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