Why Crimes Increase During the Summer

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As the weather gets warmer, people tend to spend more time outdoors with friends, going on vacation, and hosting parties. Although summer is a time to have fun in the sun, this season also has high crime rates since people have more opportunities to commit offenses. Our Arizona criminal defense attorneys explain why crimes increase during the summer and which crimes people often commit during this time.

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Statistics About Crimes Increasing During the Summer in Arizona

According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, there is a significant increase in criminal activity during the summer months. In fact, from June to August 2017, there was a 12% overall increase in crime compared to the rest of the year.

Why Do Crimes Increase During the Summer?

There are a few reasons why crime rates go up during the summer. The warmer weather can lead to more aggression and impulsive behavior. Plus, summer is a time when many people are on vacation, which can make homes more vulnerable to break-ins.

10 Common Crimes Committed in Arizona During the Summer

There are a few crimes that tend to increase during the summer months in Arizona, including:

  1. Homicides: In 2016, there were 143 homicides in Phoenix from June to August, which was a 25% increase from the previous three months.

  2. Burglary: Arizona sees a spike in burglaries during the summer months as people are more likely to leave their homes unoccupied for extended periods of time.

  3. Theft: There are more opportunities for people to commit theft during the summer, as homes are often left vacant when people are on vacation. In 2016, there were 8,290 reported thefts in Phoenix in June.

  4. DUI: The warmer weather also means that people are more likely to drink alcohol outdoors, which can lead to an increase in DUI arrests.

  5. Criminal Trespass: With more people spending time outdoors, there are also more opportunities for criminal trespass, which is when someone enters another person's property without permission.

  6. Assault: The hot weather can lead to tempers flaring, which can result in an increase in assaults.

  7. Disorderly Conduct: Warmer weather and more people out and about can also lead to an increase in disorderly conduct, which is a catch-all charge that covers a wide range of disruptive behaviors.

  8. Public Intoxication: Public intoxication is also more common in the summer as people are more likely to drink alcohol in public places.

  9. Criminal Mischief: Criminal mischief encompasses a wide range of criminal behaviors, from graffiti to the destruction of property. This crime is more common in the summer as people have more time to engage in these activities.

  10. Juvenile Crimes: Unfortunately, summer also sees an uptick in juvenile crimes as kids are out of school and have more free time. Juveniles often commit crimes such as burglary, criminal trespass, underage drinking, and theft.

What Should You Do If You Are Arrested for a Crime?

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