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Get an Aggressive Defense for Your Violent Crime Charges

Suzuki Law Offices has successfully defended clients against murder and manslaughter charges. Such an outcome is not possible in every case, but with the high stakes of years or a lifetime behind bars, you want an attorney who gives you the best fighting chance of a favorable outcome.

If you or a family member is charged in the death of another person in Maricopa County, Pima County, Pinal County, or anywhere in Arizona, contact us immediately for a vigorous criminal defense.

The types of homicide charges we help clients defense include:

  • First degree murder: A premeditated killing, including the death of an unborn child
  • Felony murder: Also charged as first degree murder (a) causing the death of a law enforcement officer or (b) causing any death in the commission of or flight from a felony crime (both with or without the intent to actually kill)
  • Second degree murder: (a) Intentional but not premeditated murder, such as a heat of passion or sudden quarrel, or (b) extreme indifference to human life resulting in death
  • Manslaughter: (a) Reckless actions causing death, (b) assisting a suicide, (c) a coerced killing under threat to your own life or loved ones, (d) second degree murder upon adequate provocation, or (e) causing the death of an unborn child
  • Negligent homicide: Criminal negligence causing the death of a person or unborn child

Put a Powerhouse Attorney on Your Side

The prosecution puts its best trial lawyers on a murder case, and they have extensive resources. Founding Lawyer Richard J. Suzuki is an experienced criminal defense attorney who got his start as a Deputy Maricopa County Attorney and as an Assistant U.S. Attorney. He can gauge the strength or weakness of the government's case, and anticipate their moves. He also knows where there is "wiggle room" to negotiate pleas to lesser offenses.

What If You Are Convicted?

A good Phoenix criminal defense lawyer begins noting possible grounds for appeal from the moment of arrest all the way through the instructions to the jury. We have experience in post-trial motions and appeals to convince a higher court to overturn your conviction or order a new trial.

For a free initial consultation and reliable representation, contact Suzuki Law Offices at (602) 842-6762 

Potential Defenses for Homicide Charges

Murder and unintentional homicide cases often hinge on the premise of mens rea, the defendant's state of mind at the time. We put great effort into proving there was (a) no intent to cause death or (b) no knowledge that actions would lead to death.

We explore every possible defense for your murder charge, including:

  • Self-defense
  • Defense of a third party
  • Provocation
  • Other reasonable explanations for the death.

Our lawyers, our investigators, and support staff examine every piece of evidence – forensic evidence, witness statements, incident reports – and look at the actions of law enforcement in their investigation, arrest and execution of search warrants.

When a jury has an all-or-nothing choice on a murder charge, that's a big gamble. We often argue for lesser included offenses at trial, so that a sympathetic jury has the option to convict for on a lower-level crime. 

It may still spell some prison time for you, but it's much better to serve 5 years for manslaughter than 20 years to life for a murder conviction.


Client Reviews

  • "He answered all my questions free of charge and was very helpful."
  • "Richard J Suzuki is an outstanding lawyer, extremely professional and responsive. The absolute best experience, my family and I were beyond content with the overall outcome."
  • "When I got into trouble with the law I didn’t know where to turn.  Mr. O’Sullivan was immediately assigned to my case and I felt a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders."
    Justine F
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