Is Texting and Driving Illegal in Arizona?

On Thursday, April 20, 2017, Arizona lawmakers issued a ban on the act of text messaging while driving, limiting it only to minors during the first 6 months of driving with a driver’s license or with a permit. Many believe that this law can decrease the number of accidents that occur due to distracted driving.

Governor Doug Ducey signed the legislation, stating that although he does not believe a blanket ban on texting and driving will be effective, he would take this particular ban a step further and ban the utilization of cell phones while driving from all minors. Governor Ducey also added that he believes such laws can act as teachers for young drivers, allowing them to develop safer habits as young drivers.

As of now, Arizona is one of the last four states that does not have blanket laws. In fact, Arizona only has laws that make it illegal for bus drivers to text while driving.

Senator Karen Fann, one of the lawmakers who has been pushing to illegalize texting and driving, stated that what she is trying to accomplish is not a large stretch, explaining, “My goal is concentrating on the young kids, my goal is to make sure that they learn how to be safe drivers before they get into an accident and hurt themselves or somebody else. All we're doing is adding this one thing that says pay attention, learn how to drive before you start thinking about doing anything else.”

Others, of course, disagree, believing that such a law will only expand and become a full ban. Still, others believe the ban does not go far enough. Democratic Senator Steve Farley believes that the recently passed ban does not do enough and will do little to solve or change anything.

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