Can Passengers Sue Drivers for Injuries?

Liability is the foundation of any lawsuit, as liability determines who caused the accident; however, liability isn’t always apparent in many accidents. However, Suzuki Law Offices is here to clear up liability confusion. Today, we will determine if passengers can sue drivers for injuries sustained in auto accidents.

Drivers & Duty of Care

To determine if passengers can sue drivers for damages, we first need to establish if drivers have a duty of care to passengers. In personal injury lawsuits, a duty of care is when one party has a legal responsibility to care for another party.

As a passenger’s safety is wholly reliant on the driver’s ability to operate a vehicle, it’s been legally established that a driver has a duty of care to the passenger(s) riding in the vehicle. Therefore, a driver is responsible for keeping passengers safe while they are driving.

Drivers & Damages

If a driver’s negligent actions (speeding, distracted driving, etc.) result in an accident, the driver may be found liable for damages sustained in the accident.

A driver may be liable for the following after an accident:

  • Personal injuries of pedestrians;
  • Property damage;
  • Personal injuries of other drivers;
  • Vehicle damage;
  • Personal injuries of passengers.

Thanks to a driver’s duty of care, a driver who injures passengers by causing an accident may be liable for passengers’ injuries.

Need Representation for Your Case

If you or a loved one is injured in an auto accident as a passenger, you have the right to pursue just compensation for your wounds. With decades of award-winning representation, Suzuki Law Offices is more than qualified to handle this unfortunate matter.

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