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There are always two sides to a story in allegations of kidnapping. But this is a serious felony charge with the potential for a substantial prison sentence. Your attorney must be able to point out the holes in the story to create reasonable doubt that the kidnapping occurred or that you were even involved. Our Phoenix criminal defense lawyers at Suzuki Law Offices bring extensive experience in both state and federal prosecutions for kidnapping, false imprisonment or child abduction.

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How Kidnapping Is Defined Under Arizona Law

Kidnapping is defined as moving a person from one place to another against their will, or confining or restricting them by use of physical force, intimidation or deception.

More specifically, A.R.S §13-1304 states that kidnapping occurs when a person restrains another person with intent to:

  • Seek ransom
  • Take an individual hostage or using them as a shield
  • Force someone into slavery
  • Commit a sexual offense
  • Cause death or physical injury
  • Coerce someone to assist in committing a felony
  • Take control of a car, plane, or ship

Kidnapping charges most commonly arise from scenarios such as:

  • Domestic quarrels or disputes
  • Confronting an ex or intimate partner
  • A drug transaction gone wrong
  • Preventing someone from calling the police
  • Burglary of a home thought to be unoccupied
  • A physical assault or sexual assault
  • Attempts to intimidate a person

What Are the Penalties for Kidnapping in Arizona?

Kidnapping is a Class 2 felony, carrying a sentence of four, five, or 10 years in prison, depending on enhancements—such as serious injury, use of a dangerous instrument or weapon, or the age of the victim. If the person was released unharmed, it may be charged as a Class 4 felony.

Is Kidnapping a Federal Crime?

Kidnapping becomes a federal crime if the victim is transported across state lines or involving foreign commerce. Other instances that a kidnapping could become a federal offense is if the victim is a foreign official, internally protected individual, or federal officer. In some cases the federal government can file separate charges from the state, which means you may be facing both federal and state penalties.

Richard Suzuki is a former Assistant U.S. Attorney with extensive trial experience on both sides of federal criminal proceedings.

Get an Aggressive Defense Against Your Criminal Charges

At Suzuki Law Offices, we use investigators who do amazing work in gathering evidence to support our clients' innocence. We thoroughly research the background of the alleged victim, looking at their criminal history, similar allegations, and/or incidents of mental illness, and track down witnesses that law enforcement has failed to question or excluded from their report because they had a differing version of events. False identification may also be a possible defense.

If the prosecution has a solid case, our Phoenix criminal defense attorneys can negotiate for a favorable plea deal. If plea negotiations fail or cannot produce a good outcome for you, we are very effective trial lawyers who can challenge the state's ability to prove their case against you. We are proud to offer free case evaluations to all of our prospective clients, so you have nothing to lose by giving us a call today. When your future is on the line, you don't have time to waste.

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