42-Year Sentence in Arizona Armed Robbery Case

Theft is always a serious crime. It can involve loss of money or the loss of material goods, possibly coupled with damage to property. It can also involve injuries or even death being inflicted on victims, as was the case in a Phoenix-area armed robbery.

The teenager accused in the case has now been convicted of the crime. The teen, now age 17, received his sentence from a judge in the Maricopa County Superior Court. That sentence consisted of two 21-year terms to be served consecutively.

The man was 15 years old when he committed the robbery, which was of the Euphorium Emporium in Peoria. After robbing the store, he left the scene with $300 in cash. He then got on a bus to California, which ended in his arrest in Los Angeles.

He was charged as an adult. He pleaded guilty to armed robbery and made a deal to have first-degree murder charges dismissed. In return, he pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. This was the result of two customers dying at the store he robbed. He also pleaded guilty of the attempted first-degree murder of a third customer.

He has apologized for his actions. In a statement, he said that what he did was the worst thing that could be done to another person. One of his victim's relatives viewed the apology as insufficient, saying she had hoped for the death penalty.

In this case, the deaths of victims resulted in a severe, life-altering sentence. Other armed robbery cases in Arizona may not involve deaths but only theft. Each case is unique, and anyone involved in one may benefit from the advice of a qualified Phoenix armed robbery lawyer.

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